Lava Hot Springs Utilities

Lava's electric needs are served by Utah Power & Light Company, while natural gas is supplied by Intermountain Gas Company. Adequate capacity presently exists for both electricity and natural gas. US West Communications provides telephone service and Premiere Cable II provides cable TV service.

Water is supplied by the City of Lava Hot Springs. The system's capacity and supply are adequate to meet the community's expected growth for several years. In order to ensure that the City of Lava is prepared for economic growth well into the future, the city drilled a new well in l992. The city has a sanitary sewer system that is adequate to meet current needs and expected growth for several years. Fees for sewer and water hookup will be per ordinance.

Lava Hot Springs has the potential of hot mineral water development of 450 GPM of water at approximately 120 degrees. The City will work with a potential developer to develop this resource. Fees for the hot mineral water will be 85% of the cost per therm of natural gas.


Direct Communications Internet
(208) 548-2345

Electricity - Utah Power & Light
(208) 776-5598

Natural Gas Intermountain Gas Co
(208) 547-2133

Sewer and Water - City of Lava Hot Springs
(208) 776-5820

Century Link Phone & Internet Service 

(866) 642-0444

Lava Cemetery (208) 776-5623

Lava Public School (208) 776-5281 

Senior Citizen Services (208) 776-5569 

United States Post Office (208) 776-5680